ESP8266 Series Page

The ESP8266 series of devices are invalueable for anyone developing IoT projects. They are often pre-programmed to enable them to communicate with phones on the 2.44MHz wave band. The most useful devices are the WiFi Relay modules which make the control of devices extreamely easy. If you wish to program these devices yourself FTDI adaptors are available which make programing reltively easy. Another way of programing these devices is using NodeMCU ESP8266 boards. NodeMCU is a firmware option that is often used on the hardware of ESP8266 modules. This firmware uses a language called LUA which is a language simular to javascript.

1ESP-01 WiFi Relay ModuleESP-01 WiFi Relay Module
2ESP8266 Relay WebserverESP8266 Relay Webserver
6How to program esp8266 module with FTDIHow to program esp8266 module with FTDI
7Setting up Server using FDTI adaptor and an ESP8266Setting up Server using FDTI adaptor and an ESP8266
8Control AC Appliances Using NodeESP8266(Web Server)LINKNode ESP8266 Web Server
9How to setup your ESP32 S Camra moduleSetting up Your ESP32 CAM
10ESP32-CAM Take Photo and Save to MicroSD CardESP32 CAm with SD card