Evothings Studio is officially no longer supported and has in its commercial form not served customers in a long time. We have kept the servers running on AWS
as support for schools, other organisations and interested individuals who have wanted to continue to use the live-reload features and analytics tools.
Evothings provides a mobile application platform tailored for Industrial IoT enabling industrial companies and developers to rapidly and efficiently create, manage and
deploy mobile IoT applications to end users. Evothings reduce time to market, cost and complexity in developing and deploying mobile applications for IIoT solutions.
The platform enables mobile applications to be developed with web technologies enabling any developer with basic web skills to easily and rapidly get started. br By the integration of support for numerous key technologies in IIoT, developers get access to an easy to use efficient platform that at the same time is very feature rich
and powerful. The platform also makes it easy and efficient to integrate towards other parts of IIoT solutions by providing APIs to numerous Industrial IoT devices
and IoT cloud platforms such as Texas Instruments, Nordic Semiconductor, MediaTek, ARMs MBED program, Parse IoT Cloud, Amazon AWS and a variety of iBeacons.
Evothings has a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and experienced engineers. Competencies range from go to-market, business strategy and scaling to community building and development of comprehensive software solutions.

1How to setup Evothings StudioHow to setup Evothings Studio
3Controlling NodeMCU WiFi module with a javascript mobile appControlling NodeMCU WiFi module with a javascript mobile app